Have you ever thought about the fact most food either has been processed and or contains chemicals not meant for humans to consume. Our bodies are designed to process natural sources of nutrients not preservatives and dyes made in a lab. The term Junk food pretty much now covers most of the food we consume. Yes i know scientists deem most of the additives safe for consumption but they have said that about allot of things. Science doesn’t have the facts straight all the time look at how many medications that were deemed safe in the past that either now contain warning labels or have been pulled off the shelf entirely due to new found problems in their consumption. Food also has had allot of do’s and don’ts change through out the years. Eggs are one, they say don’t eat them due to cholesterol then say do eat them for the omega3 fats. Margarine and butter also have had there days of do and don’ts. Seems our scientists and medical researchers need to do more complete studies before announcing there findings. So are we going to believe those whom so far have proven to be a shaky source of facts thus far or will we choose to eat what is meant for us the things that the earth provides. Its up to the individual to choose but i at least suggest you read the labels on the packages before you eat the food inside for now on so at least you understand the facts of what is in your food. I know i will eat some of the foods that had been processed and have chemical additives due to both the convenience and fact i just like them. Just limit the amount of processed foods and foods with chemical additives and eat more fresh foods. You may find you will feel a little better and fresh foods taste so much better.